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Thailand’s new constitution could soon recognize third gender

For many years Thailand has been perceived by the world at large as a haven for the transgendered, known as kathoey or ladyboys, a country where transgendered people are well accepted, partly due to the ready availability of gender reassignment surgery and partly due to its ancient tradition of ladyboys as a part of the culture. To a degree, this is true, as ladyboys are well-accepted in Thailand. As Jenisa Limpanilchart, a transgender businessperson, told CNN, “We can walk the street and we don’t have to fear that someone’s going to shoot you in the head.” However, outside of work in such fields as entertainment, there are still challenges facing Thai transpeople seeking a professional career, regardless of education level. But this is changing in Thailand, as it has been changing in other countries from Australia to Argentina, and especially in the Asian nations of Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India, all of which have granted degrees of transsexual and transgender rights, in particular the right to self-identify as their gender of choice.

Thailand’s Constitution Drafting Committee, a panel organized by the Thai military junta, the National Council for Peace and Order, which assumed power in May, 2015. The old constitution, which recognized people of different age, gender and religion, did not extend that legal recognition to transgender people. The revised constitution being drafted does extend that legal recognition. Kamnoon Sittisamarn, spokesperson of the committee, says that “People should have [that] freedom to change sex and they should be equally protected by the Constitution and the law and treated fairly.” Sittisamarn goes on to add, “It is now time to recognize the existence of the third gender in Thai society. . . . Hopefully introducing third gender will help reduce discrimination in society.”

For more, read the CNN article by Madison Park and Kiki Dhitavat

LGBT Restroom Sign

September 15, 2015 11:00 am

LGBT Restroom Sign

Trans Adult Industry Foundation (TAIF) Created to Support Its Community

Sat, August 17, 2015

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles based non-profit organization, Trans Adult Industry Foundation, Inc. (TAIF), launched this week. The Board of Directors are advocate and educator Buck Angel, Grooby owner Steven Grooby, and Grooby Marketing Director Kristel Penn.

“Giving back is a very important part of my work so joining with TAIF was a no brainer,” said educator and adult industry veteran Buck Angel. “We as adult entertainment producers and performers have been shunned by some LGBTQ organizations when we have tried to donate our money. This makes me sad because essentially they are saying, ‘your money is not good enough to save lives.’ So with that came TAIF, and something good came out of a negative. Excited to see the future of TAIF and helping our community. #gratitude.”

“We’ve a long standing history of promoting and donating to causes that are related to our specific niche and I’ve nurtured a few ideas on how we can ‘give back’ to our community without being able to bring them to fruition,” said Grooby founder Steven Grooby. “TAIF has taken the best of our previous ideas and is also born out of frustration on wanting to get funds to those most in need, with some charities refusing to accept money from adult companies. Buck, Kristel, and I are looking forward to reaching out to other companies, models, and fans and have some cool fundraising ideas, as well as funneling a portion of Grooby’s profits directly to the foundation.”

Board of Directors Buck Angel, Steven Grooby, and Kristel Penn had been brainstorming for nearly a year before creating TAIF. All agreed on the importance of providing assistance to groups who support trans performers in the adult industry and believed a non-profit organization was the most effective way to ensure funds are distributed where needed. Any contributions made through TAIF will be listed on its website with full transparency. Companies in the adult industry who want to work with TAIF should contact Kristel Penn at

Lawrence Walters, Esq., General Counsel to the Foundation, applauded the effort, saying, “The trans community will be well-served by this clearinghouse for effective donations, and the Directors are committed to raising the necessary funds to make a difference.”

Trans Adult Industry Foundation (TAIF) raises money, by fundraising and corporate sponsorships, to distribute funds directly to charitable organizations that provide life-affirming support services to the transgender population. This includes, but is not limited to, groups who work in housing, call centers, emergency shelters, and advocacy. The intention of TAIF is to provide resources to trans people, with a specific focus on the needs of the performers in our community. For more information, visit

Please note as TAIF is not yet a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, any contributions to the organization are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions.

Thailand to Recognize ‘Third Gender’ in New Constitution: Panel

Thu, Jan 15 2015

By Amy Sawitta Lefevre

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thailand’s constitution will include the term “third gender” for the first time, a member of a panel drafting a new charter said on Thursday, in a move to empower transgender and gay communities and ensure them fairer legal treatment.

Thailand has a large gay community, but remains largely conservative, although homosexual, transgender and transsexual people play key roles in its entertainment industry.

Thai law does not recognize same-sex unions, which keeps gay couples from taking joint bank loans and medical insurance, besides barring changes to gender categories on national identity papers.

The Constitution Drafting Committee, a group hand-picked by the military to prepare a new constitution after the previous one was scrapped following a May coup, began work this week.

Panel spokesman Kamnoon Sittisamarn said the new measure would ensure all sexual identities were protected under the constitution and treated equally by the law.

“We are putting the words ‘third gender’ in the constitution because Thai society has advanced,” he told Reuters.

“There are not only men and women, we need to protect all sexes. We consider all sexes to be equal.”

The panel will send details of the measure to the National Reform Council by April. It will need to be formally approved by the ruling junta, also known as the National Council for Peace and Order.

In 2012, a group of lawmakers and LGBT activists formed a committee to draft legislation recognizing same-sex couples that would, among other things, enable them to marry.

But discussion of the draft law was put on ice while Thailand struggled with political protests in 2013 and 2014.

Gay rights activists welcomed the decision to include the term “third gender” in the new constitution.

“It would treat all citizens equally and help to protect from discrimination in all areas including ease of doing business and also personal life,” said prominent gay activist Natee Teerarojjanapongs.

The army seized power on May 22 to restore order after months of political infighting that killed nearly 30 people. It scrapped a 2007 constitution for an interim charter giving the military sweeping powers, and protection for the coupmakers.

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Tragic Murder of Transpinay Jennifer Laude Sueselbeck a/k/a Ganda

Transpinay Murder Victim Jennifer Laude Sueselbeck a/k/a Ganda

Jennifer Laude Sueselbeck a/k/a Ganda was a beautiful young Transpinay woman, by all accounts a source of laughter and inspiration to her friends with a bright, sunny disposition and, as her photo testifies, a stunning beauty. That is, until her life was abruptly cut short when she was murdered in a hotel room by a US Marine, as reported by the Marine Corps Times. Reports tell that the Marine strangled or clubbed her to death when he discovered that she was Trans. The Marine, whose identity has not been released, is being held on board the amphibious assault ship Peleliu while agents with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service piece together what happened Saturday night at the Celzone Lodge in Olongapo City, according to an internal Navy memo obtained by Marine Corps Times. Local Philippine police also are investigating the matter.

The news report identified the victim as 26-year-old Jeffrey Laude, police told, but using her male name is inappropriate since she lived fulltime as a transwoman. Laude’s body was found just before midnight Saturday and apparently showed signs of strangulation.

Laude’s friend, who accompanied Laude and “a foreigner” to the hotel, reportedly told police they’d been at a local disco bar. Soon after they arrived at the hotel, Laude became uneasy and asked the friend to leave before “the foreigner could discover that they were transgenders,” reported.

Transpinay Murder Victim Jennifer Laude Sueselbeck a/k/a Ganda

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Top Filipino Singer-Actor Comes Out as a Transgender Man

Aiza Seguerra recently became the most prominent out trans man in the Philippines.

Aiza Seguerra, left, and Liza Diño

Last week, one of the most popular singer-actors in the Philippines, Aiza Seguerra, opened up about being transgender on the talk show Aquino & Abunda Tonight.

“Finally I discovered … I’m not a lesbian,” he told host Kris Aquino, explaining in both English and Tagalog. “It answered a lot of questions.”

Aiza Seguerra recently became the most prominent out trans man in the Philippines.

Aiza Seguerra, left, and Liza Diño

Last week, one of the most popular singer-actors in the Philippines, Aiza Seguerra, opened up about being transgender on the talk show Aquino & Abunda Tonight.

“Finally I discovered … I’m not a lesbian,” he told host Kris Aquino, explaining in both English and Tagalog. “It answered a lot of questions.”

He also explained the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, pointing out that because he is solely attracted to women, he no longer identifies as a gay woman. It’s a distinction some Filipino reporters have struggled with, still commonly referring to Seguerra with female pronouns.

Seguerra, now 31 years old, first rose to fame as a child star, appearing in more than 30 Filipino films and TV shows before he was an adult. He began a successful career as a pop singer and guitarist in his late teens.

No stranger to the headlines, Seguerra has most recently received attention for his announcement that he and his fiancé, model Lisa Diño, plan to travel to the U.S. next year to get married and seek in vitro fertilization treatments so they can have a child.

Seguerra is already a parent to his stepdaughter, though after coming out as trans, he tells Manila’s ABS-CBN News that some have questioned his role in his family.

“Guys, it is expected of them to take care of their family,” he responded. “Why can’t I do that? I have my own family now.”He also explained the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, pointing out that because he is solely attracted to women, he no longer identifies as a gay woman. It’s a distinction some Filipino reporters have struggled with, still commonly referring to Seguerra with female pronouns.

Seguerra, now 31 years old, first rose to fame as a child star, appearing in more than 30 Filipino films and TV shows before he was an adult. He began a successful career as a pop singer and guitarist in his late teens.

No stranger to the headlines, Seguerra has most recently received attention for his announcement that he and his fiancé, model Lisa Diño, plan to travel to the U.S. next year to get married and seek in vitro fertilization treatments so they can have a child.

Seguerra is already a parent to his stepdaughter, though after coming out as trans, he tells Manila’s ABS-CBN News that some have questioned his role in his family.

“Guys, it is expected of them to take care of their family,” he responded. “Why can’t I do that? I have my own family now.”

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Origin of the Transpinay Identity

For countless centuries, Thailand has recognized transgendered women as a “thirgd sex.” They are called sao praphet song (“a second kind of woman”), phet thee sam (“the third sex/gender”), and most famously kathoey or katoey, loosely translated as “ladyboy.” Lacking such a native term, other southeast Asian cultures have more recently borrowed the term ladyboy to distinguish transgender women from gay men and women. Such is the case in the Philippines, where the common terminology is either bakla (Tagalog) or bayot (Cebanu), both of which terms broadly include all effeminate men or gay men, making no clear distinction for transgendered women. Thus common reference is made to Filipina ladyboys, but unfortunately the term ladyboy is fraught with sexual overtones and, while useful in porn, is often considered insulting in ordinary life. A different term was needed, one which proudly declares transgendered women’s identity without the overly of either homosexual or sexual aspects.

Transsexual women in Malaysia faced the same situation, and so, in 1987, they coined the term mak nyah, which is preferred by Malaysian transsexuals to various derogatory terms such as pondan and bapok, as these slurs are variously directed to gay men as well as transsexuals. Mak nyah is formed from the word mak, meaning ‘mother’, and nyah, meaning ‘transition’ (literally, ‘to run from’). Malaysian transgender activist Khartini Slamah explained that they did this “because we . . . wanted to define ourselves from a vantage point of dignity rather than from the position of derogation in which Malaysian society has located us.”

Following the Malaysian lead, the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines Philippines (STRAP), coined the term “transpinay” since gay, bakla and batot all imply that a Filipina transsexual woman is a man rather than a woman. During the 2008 Manila Pride March, STRAP launched the transpinay identity. STRAP members joined the march wearing the terno, a traditional Filipina dress, while they ride the kalesa (horse carriage).

STRAP explains the transpinay identity: “TRANSPINAY means a female human being of Philippine descent who was given a male sex assignment at birth. It is a combination of the words transsexual, someone whose gender identity is directly opposite of his/her sex assignment at birth, and Pinay, the local term for Filipina, a girl/woman from the Philippines. This was proposed during one of our support group meetings and was voted upon by the general membership of STRAP. Other proposed terms were Transbabae and Transfilipina.”

In contrast to bakla and bayot, transpinay excludes homosexual males. Transpinay does not specify sexual orientation or preference. This is a fundamental difference, reflected in the USA and elsewhere by LGBT: Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual are all signifiers of sexal orientation, but Transgender (and related variants) signifies gender identity. Therefore, a transpinay can be sexually/romantically attracted to other females (in that she is a lesbian), to males (in that she is straight), to both males and females (in that she is a bisexual), or to none at all (in that she is asexual).

STRAP goes on to explain, “As compared to the nascent term ladyboy, transpinay doesn’t maliciously or unwittingly call a girl/woman of transsexual experience a “boy/man.” Calling a transpinay a ladyboy is no different from simply calling her a “boy/man,” an offensive act.

A transpinay is not a homosexual/gay man nor a boy/man who is ladylike. A transpinay is not a crossdresser; she is not a boy/man who likes to dress. A transpinay is not a variation of male but a variation of female. A transpinay may be pre-op (have not yet have sex reassignment surgery but desires to have undergo it), post-op (have already had sex reassignment surgery), or non-op (does not desire to have sex reassignment surgery). All the same, no matter what their genital surgery status is, they are all females. A transpinay is not a boy/man wanting to be a “real” girl/woman – she is already one.

We acknowledge that TRANSPINAY, just like any other word, cannot adequately stand-in for what we actually are. Nonetheless, TRANSPINAY symbolizes our right to define our gender identity: A movement to reclaim that right from other cultural forces.”

The term transpinay is now becoming commonplace in the Philippines. In 2009, GMA 7, a major Philippines TV network, presented a documentary with Transpinay as its title. It featured the lives of several transpinays, which include trans beauty pageant legends Kristine Madrigal and Barbie Arcache.

Of particular note here is that, a long-time supporter of STRAP and Transpinay rights, launched in 2007, the year before STRAP adopted the term Transpinay. PI Ladyboy, of course, refers to ladyboys in the Philippines, and as an adult or porn site, the term is appropriate to the industry. But is firm in its committment to the advancement of Transpinay rights in the Philippines and transgender rights worldwide.

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Super Sireyna Queen of Queens Francine Garcia, aka ‘Kim Chiu,’ Nude Photo Scandal

Super Sireyna Queen of Queens Francine Garcia

Francine Garcia, Queen of the Jungle, was crowned as Eat Bulaga’s Super Sireyna Queen of Queens Saturday, July 27, 2013. Also known as Kim Chiu, the famous actress whom she closely resembles, she brought home the title of Queen of Queens 2013 in Super Sireyna Grand Finals held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila. Francine competed against 7 other transgender contestants of the infamous segment of the longest running noontime show, Eat Bulaga. Each Super Sireyna Grand Finalist bears a title which represents elements of the earth and universe. Representing the jungle, Francine is called Super Sireyna Queen of the Jungle. During the talent portion, she delivered a song titled Paraiso while revealing an image of the Earth in a canvass.

For the Q&A, she demonstrated her wit with her answer to Isabelle Daza’s question if she “would accept a call for military service in our country.” Francine a/k/a Kim Chiu firmly replied, “Yes, because gender doesn’t matter. The mere fact that you are a law-abiding citizen, then you are worthy to serve in the military.” With her overall performance Francine, from Quezon City, brought home the crown and is now hailed as the Super Sireyna Queen of Queen 2013.

Super Sireyna Queen of Queens Francine Garcia

However, she had yet to fully embrace her moment in limelight when issues involving her nude photos leaked online, soliciting both staunch support and outrage depending on your point of view. Interestingly, these photos were from sets she had made exclusively for in 2009 under the name Paris! Several of these photos went viral online right after she won the pageant.

Billed as “The Original TransPinay Filipina Ladyboy Site!,” PIladyboy is a long time supporter of STRAP, the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines. Asked to comment, PIladyboy states that they “encourage all transgendered men and women to realize their full potential and achieve their vision of their own true nature. Paris was a popular model on the prior to having SRS in Thailand to fulfill her dream. We are proud to have had her as a model and we wish her continued success and growth in her life. This is the first time our site has been part of a scandal of this nature, and we are encouraged by the fact that the judges of Super Sireyna did not capitulate to prejudice but stood by Francine’s victory.”

As will happen online, rumors quickly spread that the Super Sireyna Queen of Queens was dethroned due to the nude pictures. But in a subsequent interview on GMA 7′s “24 Oras,” Francine Garcia a.k.a. Kim Chiu refuted the speculations and said, “[Yung] mga bashers and haters, yung mga taong ‘di nakakatangap na nanalo ka na, of course would still find skeletons in your closet.” To further brush off the rumors that she was dethroned, the report said that she was even in the opening number of Eat Bulaga’s Monday episode.

We salute Francine Garcia a/k/a Kim Chiu a/k/a Paris for her well-earned victory and wish her continued success. She represents the best of Transpinay, to boldly follow your path and actualize your vision of your true self. As Francine herself said, “kahit anu pa sabihin nila, kahit anu pa ibato nila sayo dedma basta we will always look beautiful.”

Super Sireyna Queen of Queens Francine Garcia

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VICTORY! Social Security Administration Drops Surgery Requirement for Gender Change

Late last week, after nearly a decade of advocacy led by our coalition partners at the National Center for Transgender Equality, the Social Security Administration (SSA) updated its policy for changing gender designation in Social Security records. The ACLU also included this as one of our top LGBT second term recommendations to President Obama. This change will not only protect the privacy of transgender individuals, but also brings SSA in line with other federal agencies and prevailing medical standards for the treatment of transgender individuals.

For transgender individuals, accessing identification that accurately reflects their gender can be a lifelong struggle. With requirements varying across local, state and federal agencies, transgender individuals are forced to navigate a web of conflicting and arbitrary rules to ensure that identification documents consistently and accurately reflect their gender identity. Without accurate identification, transgender individuals face not only the prospect of being outed and its attendant risks of stigmatization, harassment and violence, but also the potential loss of employment and public benefits when state identification is flagged as inconsistent with Social Security records.

Under the new policy, transgender people are able to change the gender designation on their Social Security records by submitting either an amended passport or birth certificate reflecting the applicant’s lived gender, or certification from a physician confirming that the individual has undergone appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition. This policy replaces SSA’s outdated and inconsistently-applied policy requiring documentation of surgery.

Though almost all federal agencies now permit changes to gender designation without requiring proof of any specific medical treatments, many state agencies continue to impose these outdated, discriminatory requirements. The ACLU is leading efforts to change these policies on the state level with recent victories in Idaho, Oregon and Alaska. We applaud the Social Security Administration for making this change. The ACLU will continue efforts at the state and local level to ensure that transgender people are able to access identification documents that respect their privacy and accurately reflect their gender identity.


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Ang Ladlad party brings beauty parlours and gay pageants out to vote in Philippines

Ladlad lead candidate Bemz Benedito (left), with her boyfriend, campaigning in the Philippines town of Baguio, northern Luzon. Photograph: Mark Gevisser

As the country holds midterm elections, Ang Ladlad is hoping to be the world’s first lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender party to win a seat in a national parliament….Ang Ladlad candidate, Bemz Benedito. Benedito, 35, is running for congress in this deeply Catholic country’s midterm elections, which take place on Monday. If she succeeds, she will be the world’s first politician to win a seat in a national legislature standing for an explicitly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) party.

If she did not tell you, you would not know that Benedito was born male. She has the telegenic beauty essential in Filipino politics, but she quite self-consciously eschews the glamorous hyperfemininity associated with transgenderism here. She has a master’s in sociology and a decade of work in politics behind her, and projects a diligent sobriety.

In Tagalog, “Ladlad” means the unfurling of a cape, and it has come to signify “coming out”. Benedito and her fellow Ang Ladlad candidates are running on a single issue: they vow to pass the anti-discrimination bill, which will specifically protect LGBT people, that has been languishing in congress for 12 years, stymied by the persistent lobbying of the Catholic church.

Ang Ladlad’s bring-out-the-vote strategy is unique: it consists of hitting almost every beauty parlour and Miss Gay pageant in this vast archipelago. In a culture obsessed with adornment and beauty, there are more than enough of both to keep a campaign busy: every neighbourhood hosts at least one annual pageant, and every street in every town seems to have a parlour run by a bakla – the Filipino word for effeminate men who are seen, as in many south-east Asian cultures, to be a third gender.

“The parloristas are our backbone,” says Benedito as we enter yet another kitschy jewel box staffed by a bustling claque of bakla in various stages of transition. “These are the nerve-centres of the community, and also the place where bakla come into contact with the broader community. Every Filipina woman has a bakla hairdresser!”

One of Benedito’s missions is to ensure that bakla are no longer limited to working in the beauty industry. The child of a middle-class political family from Abra province, she was raised by accepting parents who insisted on her further education: “When I came out to my father, he said: ‘Do not take part in the Miss Gay pageants. I do not want you to degrade yourself, and to be an ‘entertainment’ in other people’s eyes.”

For Miss Gay contestants, the pageants are a way of coming out: a mentor teaches you how to present yourself as female. Benedito loathes the contests, but accepts they are key to her campaign strategy, for they are as much community entertainment – the whole neighbourhood turns out to watch – as they are political rallies.
[Full story here]

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Kylan Wenzel Is Miss USA’s First Transgender Contestant

Excited and eager: Kylan Wenzel, the first transgender woman to compete for the Miss USA crown, has revealed she has been waiting for this opportunity since she was 11 years old

Photograph © Anderson Cooper.

Last year we reported on the breakthrough of Jenna Talackova from Vancouver, BC as the first transgender Miss Universe contestant in the pageant’s history. Kudos to Donald Trump (something we don’t say often!) for rescindint the edict that Ms Talackova be disqualified, thereby allowing transgender women to compete for any of their pageant titles.

Upon learning of that decision, Kylan Wenzel of California decided that she was going to compete in the Miss California pageant, becoming the first transwoman to compete for the Miss USA crown. She has a ways to go, as this weekend is the preliminary round with 229 contestants, but Kylan’s beauty, grace and intelligence bode well for the 22-year-old, who had her SRS last August so that she would be able to compete.

Kylan told her story on Anderson Cooper Live this morning (Friday, January 11), revealing that she has been waiting for this opportunity since she was 11 years old. She told Anderson “This has been a dream since I was 11. So I kind of just put it out to the universe and hoping it would happen. And then it happened.”

“I think my strongest is actually going to be swim suit because I have been running and working out a lot,” she admitted. “I am not nervous at all I am just hoping to experience the swim suit, the evening gown and the final question that way I have the whole experience.”

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Being Transgender Is No Longer a Disorder

The following is the full text of an article which appeared on on Dec 3, 2012.

A transsexual person displays a poster with the picture of a transsexual person who was murdered in Uruguay. In May 2013, gender identity disorder will be replaced with the more neutral term gender dysphoria.

Photograph by Miguel Rojo/AFP/GettyImages.

The Associated Press reported that the American Psychiatric Association’s Board of Trustees approved certain notable changes to that body’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders on Saturday. The story began with the controversial announcement that Asperger’s syndrome will now be included in the autism spectrum disorder category, but another change buried at the bottom of the piece may prove to be even more divisive—and, if historical precedent is any indication, more influential on society at large.

Since the third edition of the DSM was published in 1980, some version of the diagnosis gender identity disorder has been included to describe patients whose subjective experience of gender does not match their biological sex. The common contemporary term for this group is transgender, the T in LGBT. Sources within the APA now confirm that in the DSM-5, which is due to be published in May 2013, GID will be replaced with the more neutral term gender dysphoria.

Approval of this revision has been years in the making and reflects a narrowing of psychiatrists’ focus to those who experience personal distress over their gender incongruity. Those patients who feel like they need psychological help dealing with their feelings can still seek it out, while those who feel fine need not be marked as ill.

Jack Drescher, a member of the APA group dedicated to considering this issue, explained to the Daily Beast back in 2010 that his subcommittee’s recommendation came from a desire to stop “pathologiz[ing] all expressions of gender variance just because they were not common or made someone uncomfortable.”* Moreover, in a recent interview in the Advocate, Drescher acknowledged that “all psychiatric diagnoses occur within a cultural context,” adding that “We know there is a whole community of people out there who are not seeking medical attention and live between the two binary categories. We wanted to send the message that the therapist’s job isn’t to pathologize.”

As any student of the history of LGBT civil rights can attest, being deemed pathological by the medical establishment is considered to be one of the biggest obstacles to social and legal progress. Indeed, the removal of homosexuality from the DSM in 1973 was a watershed moment for the early gay-rights movement, as it neutralized the argument that gay men and women did not deserve equal treatment because they were somehow sick. Unsurprisingly, many in the transgender community see the label “disorder” as having a similarly restrictive effect on their fight against discrimination. But leaving the fraught term behind may bring some harm along with the good.

As Drescher points out in his thorough analysis (PDF) of the parallels and contrasts between the gay and trans campaigns to escape the bonds of medical judgment, one important difference is the desire of many (but not all) transgender people for hormonal or surgical intervention to better align their bodies with their internal identity. Currently, insurance coverage for these procedures can be justified on the grounds that GID is a medical problem—a disorder—needing treatment. Without that argument, some transgender people—a group that already suffers from a great deal of social and economic marginalization—may now find it more difficult to finance their transitions.

For those gender-variant individuals who do choose to seek treatment, the APA practitioners may soon be prepared to offer more organized care. While Drescher and his subcommittee were debating the differences between disorder and dysphoria, another APA group, called the APA Task Force on Treatment of GID, was busy deciding if enough empirical and clinical data existed to justify the creation of a standard set of “APA Practice Guidelines” for treatment. According to a report published over the summer, the answer was a strong yes. If the APA agrees with the recommendations, guidelines could soon be established for adults, adolescents, and even children. The task force additionally recommended that the APA begin making position statements supporting the “rights of persons of any age who are gender variant, transgender, or transsexual.”


My response to some key questions raised by this annoucement:

What is the definition of dysphoria?

Dysphoria literally means “hard to bear,” from the Greek, dysphoros, the effective opposite of euphoria (extreme joy). As a technical, medical term, it refers to a prevailing mental and emotional condition ranging from discontent to indifference to intense depression which, in extremis, can lead to suicidal tendencies. This then implies some condition over which the individual has no control and cannot escape. The root of both dysphoria and euphoria is phero, meaning “to bear.”

When was the last time you heard ‘dysphoria’ in common use?

Sometime within the past week or so; it’s not uncommon in my circle of friends and associates, and more, there are many times of dysphoria, such as bodily (unhappy with one’s physical condition, as in being obese) or bipolar (as one travels from the extremes of dysphoria or unhappiness to euphoria or extreme happiness).

Does every trans person suffer from dysphoria? Does every trans person experience dysphoria but only some of them suffer from it?

By definition, all trans people do suffer from gender dysphoria to the extent that they are unhappy with or experience discontent resulting from their physical gender as opposed to their psychological gender. However, not every trans person suffers from gender dysphoria to the extreme of severe depression or suicidal tendencies by their “condition.” Gender dysphoria is a range, and those who “suffer” (I prefer “experience”) gender dysphoria may be anywhere on that spectrum; in this sense especially, the new designation is an improvement in that it is not necessarily a “disorder.”

It’s an improvement, imho, because it is less stigmatizing than GID as a classification, but I also agree that there is, and will continue to be, room for improvement in the future. One issue that is vital, and yet to be seen, is how the revised classification affects trans people in terms of receiving medical insurance coverage for a condition which was previously defined as a “disorder” and therefore qualified for coverage.

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Massachusetts Transgender Equal Rights Act Now Law

The Massachusetts Transgender Equal Rights Act, which took effect Sunday, July 1, 2012, bars discrimination against transgendered individuals in employment, housing, education, and lending, as well as empowering prosecutors to bring hate crime charges against perpetrators of attacks targeting anyone for being transgendered. Supporters throughout the state praised the law as enabling transgendered residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to live more openly. Massachusetts is the 16th state to adopt such legislations.

Kara Suffredini, executive director of MassEquality, stated that “This a tremendously historic and life-changing day for transgender people across the state, and really for anybody that values fairness.” MassEquality was one of the organizations which lobbied for passage of the law.

The law was passed by the state legislature seven months prior to its taking effect, five years after it was first filed. Governor Deval Patrick signed the law November 23, 2011, after it had passed the Massachusetts House of Representatives by a vote of 95-58 and the Massachusetts Senate by a voice vote.

Gunner Scott, executive director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, said that the law “sends a message that transgender youth, adults, and our families are part of our communities and deserve the same rights as anyone else in Massachusetts.”

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Sweet Reversal: Miss Universe Organization Allows Transgendered Jenna Talackova to Compete

Jenna Talackova
After raising a stir online with the announcement only a couple of weeks ago that Jenna Talackova was banned from competing in the Miss Universe contest in Canada because she was not born a woman, the Miss Universe Organization has reversed their decision, allowing Jenna to compete so long as she meets the legal requirements for being a woman (these requirements vary from province to province in Canada, but having had SRS a few years ago, Jenna qualifies).

After initially being disqualified, Jenna tweeted that she was banned “for being born” and stated that she was “a woman with a history.” A man in Brooklyn, NY, started on online petition to redress her disqualification, quickly gathering over 30,000 signatures out of a sought-after 35,000. The Miss Universe Organization took heed and reinstated her status as a contestant, provided she met the legal qualifications of being a woman. Having had SRS in 2010 at the age of 19, she does meet the requirements.

Progress! Social change can be slow for any minority, but here progress has been made for transgendered individuals.

Follow Up: Weds April 4 In a brief interview with Katie Couric on Good Morning America, Donald Trump, who owns the Miss Universe pageants, stated that not only would Jenna be allowed to compete because she meets the legal requirements of being female in Canada and the USA, but that in all likelihood in the future they will open the competition to transgendered contestants around the world regardless of local laws since it would be unfair to only allow transgendered women from countries like the USA and Canada to compete.

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Miss Universe Canada Dumps Transsexual Finalist

Jenna Talackova
IBT Miss Universe Canada beauty pageant has banned a transsexual finalist from continuing in the contest stating that she “did not meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form. Vancouver-based Jenna Talackova was pulled out of the beauty pageant after it was discovered that she was born a boy. The pageant rules state that every contestant must be a “naturally born female only.”

“Jenna Talackova from Vancouver, British Columbia will not compete in the 2012 Miss Universe Canada competition,” organisers officially confirmed in astatement issued on Friday.

“We do, however, respect her goals, determination and wish her the best,” the statement reads without giving a clear mention of her exclusion criteria and the requirements she did not meet. The 6.1-ft tall blonde was selected among 65 finalists for the competition to be held in Toronto, May.19, 2012.

She had already reached the finals in the Miss Vancouver pageant but was eliminated when it was found that she had undergone a sex change surgery to become a woman.

Talackova is apparently saddened with the organizers’ decision but is averse from making any official comment before consulting her lawyer.

However, she took to Twitter to express her stand: “I’m disqualified, however I’m not giving up,” she wrote. “I’m not going to just let them disqualify me over discrimination.”

The 23-year-old who thinks she is “disqualified for being born,” has apparently been vocal about her transsexual past. However; the organizers assert that she registered for the pageant claiming that she was born female.

Talackova, who regards herself as a “woman — with a history,” recognized herself as a female at an early age of four and began her hormone therapy when she was just 14. She also underwent a sex change surgery in 2010.

The organizers have pulled off her profile and photographs from the Miss Universe Canada website. However, critics argue that the basic requirements for eligibility to participate in the beauty pageant do not mention any rule regarding sex-change or cosmetic surgery, according to the Vancouversun.

The 61st annual Miss Universe Canada Pageant will be held at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, Toronto.

Source: IBT

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Study: Majority of Americans Support Equal Rights for Transgender People

A recent study from the Public Religion Research Institute shows an overwhelming majority of Americans supporting equal rights and legal protections for transgender people.

The Huffington Post has just published new analysis on the study, which was conducted in August and September of last year.

According to the study, 89 percent of Americans agree that transgender people deserve the same rights and protections as other Americans. Support held firm across religious and political party lines.

At 93 percent, support was especially high amongst Catholics, a group that has also shown strong support for the legal recognition of same-sex marriage.

The PRRI study showed broad-based public support for Congress to expand employment protections and hate crime legislation to include protection based on gender identity and expression.

This year, HRC’s Corporate Equality Index enacted new more stringent criteria for transgender-inclusive health insurance benefits. With the new requirements in place, 189 participants still earned the top rating of 100 percent, evidence that the CEI continues to transform the American workplace for the better.

You can see more results from PRRI’s survey here.

Source: Human Rights Campaign

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Transsexual Reps, AVN Meet to Discuss Award Show Issues

Brittany St. Jordan, Amy Daly, and Wendy Williams meet with AVN – Transsexual Performer of the Year to Receive Award on Stage in Future

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Last Thursday representatives from the transsexual performer community met with AVN to air their grievances that emanated from the AVN Awards show last month.

A small but vocal number of performers in the transsexual genre had voiced displeasure over their experiences at the AVN Awards and the preceding red carpet—as well as, in the big picture, how they were dissatisfied with the recognition given to the transsexual genre as a whole.

Performer and long-time TS rights activist Brittany St. Jordan had authored a handful of message board threads airing her complaints. St. Jordan, along with Amy Daly in person, and Wendy Williams by phone—all three were nominees for Transsexual Performer of the Year—met with AVN.

Since there were a number of factually incorrect statements in St. Jordan’s posts, but also because there were legitimate complaints, AVN sought to set the record straight, to listen, and to proactively address any issues going forward.

AVN has long recognized the transsexual niche as an important and lucrative market segment and if there was more to be done to support the community, we wanted to hear directly from the performers how we could recognize their efforts on a bigger stage.

To that end, AVN agreed to present Transsexual Performer of the Year on stage at future awards shows. St. Jordan, Daly and Williams were correct to point out that this award is the most prestigious given by AVN to transsexual performers, and it wasn’t receiving the same visibility as its male and female equivalents.

As for the awards nominations and voting, AVN also agreed to cast its net wider and seek out prominent reviewers and observers of transsexual fare to participate in the process for a more comprehensive review of its performers and movies.

Also, AVN will take steps to make sure that transsexual performers are included as presenters in future awards shows, and that more attention is paid to red carpet interviews with TS performers.

As for the red carpet process, which was called into question, AVN sought to clear up some confusion. Priority access goes to presenters, nominees whose awards will be presented on stage, mainstream celebrities and some other very well-known adult stars, with the rest of the adult community following after that.

Unfortunately, with hundreds of people waiting in line to walk the carpet, inevitably there will be a considerable waiting time for most. This year, the wait was longer than anticipated, and AVN apologizes to all who waited and thanks them for their participation and patience. AVN is looking into streamlining the process for next year to cut down on the wait time. We know it’s aggravating to stand in line for so long—we hear you!—and we’re going to make it more reasonable.

The meeting lasted nearly 90 minutes; many issues were aired and discussed, and St. Jordan, Daly and Williams left the meeting apparently hopeful that transsexual performers will be given higher visibility in both AVN magazine and at the AEE and AVN Awards.


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Transsexual Star Brittany St Jordan Speaks Out Against AVN’s Mistreatment of TS Performers

In regards to: The demeaning attitude and lack of concern for the transsexual genre of the adult industry from AVN

The opinions and ideas expressed hereafter are those of transsexual adult performer Brittany St Jordan and do not necessarily reflect those of any business entity which she may or may not be associated with.

This message has nothing to do with me winning or losing at AVN this year. Yes, it was great being nominated for Transsexual (TS) Performer of the Year but I knew there were other girls more deserving of the award. For this reason I was not expecting to walk away with an award this year. The driving force behind the writing, sending, and posting of this message is a compilation of various occurrences over the 2012 AVN award season. I personally try to refrain from interjecting myself into the post-award discussions of what was right and/or wrong with the current year’s outcomes. However, since I was a nominee this year I had a much more vested interest in the AVN awards for the TS categories and feel that a few things need to be said.

From the moment the nominations for the TS categories came out there was a large portion of people wondering how Madison Montag was nominated. She is known in the TS world as being difficult to work with, unappealing and not well received by fans. For these very reasons she has had very little work this past year and was rumored that she announced she was retiring from adult entertainment after only being around for a little over a year. What about Sarina Valentina, Foxxy, Liberty Harkness, or any other girl who is actually embraced and recognized as top talent in the TS genre? Why were these girls overlooked by AVN for someone that is an outcast from the industry which she publicly and vehemently put down on a regular basis in an attempt to improve her own non-existent public image? ( Madison Montag on Sister Dick Radio)

The 2012 TS Performer of the Year was once again Baily Jay, who was the winner of the 2011 AVN as well. What bothers me about this decision is the fact that since winning last year all Baily has done is gone silent online with almost no promotion or public interaction and only posts POV scenes of her and her boyfriend performing together. Fans on TS forums and various web sites who used to love Baily have been quite vocal this year about how bad her content is and that she is no longer the star she once was. There were plenty of girls on the list of nominees who had produced enough quality work this year that Baily should not have even been nominated again. A sympathy nomination for simply being a previous winner does little to add credit to the work other TS girls have done that clearly outshine Baily Jay and her POV only site.

Throughout the AVN Expo Miss Montag was often seen with people said to be associated with AEBN, who also happened to be one of the largest marketing contributors to the AVN events this year. So it is no surprise that when you visit the AEBN Shemale VOD site there is a banner and background with Madison, who I remind you is despised by almost everyone in the TS genre, boldly displayed for all to see. There is also another TS performer sharing the the banner and background space there with Madison. That would coincidentally be your 2012 AVN TS Performer of the Year Baily Jay. Am I inferring that both Madison Montag’s nomination and Baily’s win were somehow influenced by the marketing power AEBN? Yes, I most certainly am. I do not have concrete proof like emails or text messages but when you see the theses two TS girls, who’s legitimacy in the awards is beyond questionable, proudly displayed on a major monetary contributor’s web site it does raise a lot of suspicion. Was it swaying the judges, tampering with votes or just outright wholesale purchase for both girls in order to increase traffic and revenue to AEBN? We most likely won’t ever know.

With decisions like this being made it is really disheartening for the TS girls who work hard and put out quality content for various companies year after year to even feel that they have a fair chance of being selected as the top performer of the TS genre. Where is the incentive to be the best when the final decision is either based on business politics or poor ethics that do nothing to further the TS genre but only increase the flow of money to certain people who are more than likely absolutely clueless when it comes to anything dealing with the TS side of adult entertainment? Hopefully in future years there will be more oversight and quality control over the TS categories and not simply used as a bartering system for monetary gain. Maybe the system needs an audit of it’s current ethics and practices so that these types of poor decisions won’t be made again.

On to the next bullet point, TS performers being treated like second-class citizens in the world of adult entertainment. I often heard stories from people about how the adult world looks down on TS girls but I have met so many great people on all sides of the industry and didn’t ever see it happen. That is until I was on the red carpet for this year’s AVN award ceremony. Upon arriving there was a line of people waiting for their turn on the red carpet. It was a mix of fans and industry people from all sides. Then some of the bigger studios started showing up and were being taken right to the front of the line. This, in itself did not bother me. When someone behind me questioned the AVN employee ushering them in as to why they were going before everyone the response was “Nominees and presenters are getting to go to the front.” Upon hearing his answer I politely notified him that myself and Jesse, who was with me, were both nominees for TS Performer of the Year. His response was, “Just wait your turn and you will get in there.” So, both of us “nominees” waited with everyone else for three hours instead of getting the same courtesies extended to nominees who weren’t TS performers.

Let me provide a brief history of AVN and their treatment of TS performers. For many years AVN did not even have a TS section of categories to vote on. That was until Joanna Jet got fed up with being ignored by an industry she was proudly a part of and felt that she, and the TS genre as a whole, deserved recognition from the top company presenting awards to adult performers for their accomplishments. Joanna’s willingness to not take no for an answer led to AVN to finally including the TS genre amongst its awards and the main reason they are there today. This was a major step forward for the TS genre as a whole and major personal victory for Joanna, who is still known as one of the best and most influential TS stars in the adult industry.

This triumph has dwindled in current times however. Yes, there are TS categories to be voted on but there is one major flaw in the way the awards are presented. Any of the winners of any TS category are not given their awards at the actual AVN ceremony. Instead, what happens, is at the end of evening the names are listed on a screen for people to view as they are leaving and the award is then shipped to the winner. Yes, that is correct, AVN considers TS performers, producers, and distributors to be fetish related and therefore not included in the actual ceremony with the rest of their counterparts amongst the adult industry. So according to this line of thought, anyone regarded as TS related in the adult industry are not considered to be on par with everyone else. As long as this is the policy no TS performer or producer will ever be given given the same recognition as everyone else for doing the same, and sometimes more, work than their counterparts in the other genres of adult entertainment.

When it comes to working, TS talent have to perform on the same levels as the guys and girls who are in other areas of adult entertainment and sometimes are required to play both roles at the same time. Meaning that they have to be the pretty girl but also retain an erection and produce a popshot. Producers of TS content also put in the same level of professionalism into shooting, editing and distributing the content as they do straight and gay releases. So if the TS talent and producers are working just as hard on their content as everyone else what will it take for them to get the same level of recognition?

This is 2012 not 1985 and TS adult entertainment should no longer be the taboo bottom of the bucket industry sideshow that AVN makes them out to be. Any TS performer should feel that they have a shot at being recognized for their efforts just as any other talent at the AVN ceremony. Producers of TS entertainment and non-TS talent should not feel like they will be looked down on for working outside the box and creating great pieces of work with talented individuals. AVN really needs to reevaluate the way they view and present TS performers and producers to the word at large and be true industry professionals in regards to the way the TS categories are treated from here on out. If the people who are picking nominees and judging the TS categories are clueless about TS entertainment they should be replaced by people who can give a better informed decision based upon first-hand knowledge and not press releases or paychecks.

If you feel that TS performers and producers of TS content deserve the same level of respect as everyone else at the AVN awards then please contact Mr Mark Kearns ( at AVN and let him know your thoughts and feelings. Please forward, repost, tweet and any other method of communication you can think of to spread this message so that we can spread the word about the AVN and their lack of respect for the TS genre of the adult industry.

AVN Media Network, Inc.
9400 Penfield Avenue
Chatsworth, California 91311 USA
818.718.5788 tel 818.718.5799 fax
Brittany St Jordan

Brittany St Jordan

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Freeones does its first trans interview with Kelly Pierce

Kelly Pierce recently conducted their first transsexual interview with none other than the beautiful and insightful Mrs. Kelly Pierce, one of the top trans performers in the USA. They posted it in their forum:!

How did you get into porn?

I got into porn with the assistance of Wendy Williams and Vin Deacon. They both were willing to give me contacts and advice to make the most of my career. I still appreciate that today! After doing some research on companies, I went with Kink Studios first. I really liked their shooting style and photography. They paid for my ticket out, my std test, gave me a place to stay, and treated me like I was royalty! It was a great experience over all, and if you are in porn many know that porn companies don’t normally do half of what they did for me. Isis Love was the director of my first porn scene, and she was amazing to me, so supportive and taught me a lot while shooting with her. Then from Kink I started shooting for everyone, and success came luckily.

2. Does your family know what you do?

Yes and no! My mother died when I was in high school, she was my biggest supporter, and definitely my best friend. I believe though, she’d of been supportive if it was 100% my choice. The rest of my family, I have not hid anything from. They all in all have been supportive.

3. Do you think someone who chooses to never to have the full surgery can lead a normal life outside the porn world?

Of course they can! I transitioned at age twelve. I went to high school as a female, and have managed with surprising ease to function and be accepted into society. I am now married, and a step-mother. I have never allowed what’s between my legs to make me or break me. I’m me, and will continue to be me!

If trans-women think a vagina alone will make their life easier or “normal,” they are delusional. People treat you based on what they see, and they’re not going to see your fancy new vagina! Girls need to realize that if you’re passable in your face and your voice, people aren’t going to think you have a penis. Duh!

I wish more girls weren’t so obsessed and ashamed of that one area. There’s so much more to being a woman or man than that. They also need to realize that they don’t need to do that for men. There are plenty of men out there that are more than willing to overlook a penis on a hot girl. If they get the change it should be for them!

Whether passable or impassable, it is important to remain true to ourselves. All change requires bravery. When you’re changing yourself, you have to own it. When we are uneasy about ourselves, we are not going to be able to make others feel at ease with us. It’s important, however, that in our self-seeking not to lose respect for ourselves. Do away with negativity in your life. Life is too short, not to be happy, and to feel trapped within yourself. Realize too, the people who judge you at first, may come around at a later time in your life. They just need time to wrap their head around it. It’s a huge change, and parents especially feel a sense of loss. They need time to grieve, and have time to think rationally.

4. What do you think is the biggest challenge of shemale porn vs. the mainstream porn.

I don’t do mainstream porn, so not sure. I can’t really compare the two. I can only speak on what I know, transsexual porn. I think we need more acting, better production, and less gonzo-film making. I think something like that would attract more fans to our niche. We also need to educate that American ts pornstars test every 28 days like mainstream talent, we have not had an outbreak in our industry, and 90% of the time we utilize condoms. We get a bad wrap, due to the Brazillian and Asian Market, they have a total different set of standard of testing in their countries. I represent the American Ts Market only, as do the other American ts stars and companies.

5. Do you think the gay rights movement has helped the acceptance of the TS community in any way? As in people being more accepting of who people are, not their sexual orientation or what gender they wish to be?

I think it has opened minds and helped with individuals’ willingness to be more accepting in a general sense. I do believe the gay movement tries to speak out for our trans-community when they can, but obviously the gay agenda is their first priority, as it should be. I can tell you from my own experience as the secretary of a Pride Board in Florida, the intentions to help our community are genuine, but most gay/lesbian activists often don’t know where to begin and sometimes worry about offending our community with their words.

It’s simple enough, if transgenders want their voices heard, they need to be proactive and speak out. Join boards, committees, and any activist group that they can lend their voices to. A gay man or lesbian woman doesn’t know where we come from or what we stand for as a whole, they can only empathize and try to understand. They, like many, only know the superficial side of transsexualism, one of the reasons I joined the movement. I wanted my voice heard, and to educate what our community represents and is about.

I would like to add I am happy to see there are transgender coalitions coming together, but I feel that we all need to work together. Separating ourselves make us weak in my opinion. We are stronger as the GLBT, which is why we came together in the first place in the 1930’s. Gays, lesbians, transgenders, and supporters need to stand as one and work together to educate we are all equal and deserve the same rights as any hetero-sexual male/female in America.

6. What do you think about shemale porn “often” being connected to gay porn? Also that a lot of people think guys interested in shemale porn are gay.

I don’t necessary think most who watch trans and gay porn feel we are connected, only outsiders. If you look at the award shows, we are with the mainstream talent. We are our own niche, and most of the viewers that watch us are straight men and still feel they are straight. Gay men, are not attracted to trans women in the least. Gay men, like the looks, voice, and essence of a man. I think hetero-men, at times can’t help but be turned on by a beautiful trans-woman. What they are attracted to is the looks of a woman. The only thing different is the penis. It may throw them off, but they are still attracted to her looks. Who knows why men are into transsexuals. Men in general have penis envy in my opinion; they are always touching and about it. I also think as society becomes more accepting, people are becoming pansexual or bisexual. For them as long as the person is hot that is all the criteria needed to fuck them. Then there are men that get into transsexuals other ways. They get bored of watching straight porn and need more kink or have wives who are into assplay, like a few of my stripper friends who like to strap on dildos and fuck their men in the ass. Only, because they like to be dominate. Let me be clear I’m not saying everyone who allows their female partner to play with their ass gets into trans or gay men. Because my friends husband’s would never be with a trans or a man. What is funny to me though many don’t consider this a gay act, because a woman is doing it. However it is a gay act when a beautiful passable trans girl does it. It’s sad they don’t take into account why this male is attracted to her. The attraction is her female looks, and demeanor. People put to much weight what’s in between the legs. Which is an unfortunate judgment, a person in general is so much more than dicks and pussies.

7. Do you think that TS girls or those that go for the full operation are more accepted in today’s society?

I think they have it easier with the government. The ones who still have their penis may have a hard time changing identification; getting married and other rights many take for granted. Many states do not allow birth certificate change or allow F on your Drivers License for your sex. We as a whole want to transition and do it peacefully and without much drama. We have enough stress on our lives, with all the road blocks we face in our transition. A benefit of being post-op you get to bypass all these restrictions, but I do not think it makes it easier on how society views you in public, if you aren’t passable. They are going to see a man, not a woman if you look like a man in drag.

8. Do you think there should be condoms in porn?

I think that should be the models choice, especially ones that perform with their partner in life. Let me reiterate, I mean the models, not the adult companies. I know many companies refuse to hire a model who wants to use a condom, and they should be ashamed of themselves!

I also think the major people who speak out against the porn industry have an anterior motive for it. Like Shelley Lubben and Michael Weinstein, only goal is to make money. If their goal was more sincere I would not be so critical of them. What we do know testing works! The reason aids has grown the way it has, is because people in general do not test for stds. Even now, a lot of hetero-sexual men and women still have the opinion it can’t touch me, I’m not gay. Look, if you do not test regularly, how can you say I don’t have anything honestly? It is not a gay disease; in fact black women are the lead carriers of the virus. At the end of the day, People need to test regularly; condoms do little if they break! We need to glorify testing, and not just the condom. Furthermore condoms, do not offer protection against herpes, which one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, and non-curable.
9. Is there a lot of discrimination against you in the mainstream world when people find out you aren’t a natural born woman?

Luckily, there hasn’t been much backlash for me. I don’t know why that is, and can only say I’m blessed.

10. There’s been controversy over the last few years about ‘crossover’ actors who do shemale porn then go and do mainstream porn. What are your thoughts on this?

I think we’d have less of this problem if actors/actresses were transparent of whom they worked with. I do not understand the controversy when it comes to transsexuals. We test every 28 days like the mainstream industry, and unlike the mainstream industry we use condoms 90% of the time.

I do realize though, a lot of the controversy may stem from how a majority of the transsexual talent escort. However, be fair, so do female talent. Lots of female pornstars who work for talent agencies, have condomless sex all the time with guys outside the industry for the right price. These men are not tested and these girls risk the industry just as much as anyone. It seems everyone likes to point fingers, but those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

To me it is sad so many models escort. They escort, either because they can make more money than what they can on a porn set, feel like they are forced into it by their agencies, or they need to make a living. I personally feel there would be less escorting if models were paid a decent living, and didn’t have to pay for their own expensive tests each month.

Anyone with half a brain though, knows this controversy on transsexual talent fuels from scare tactics, ignorance, and from one’s own hate pure and simple. People just need to be honest about whom they sleep with, and give people the choice if they want to sleep with you or not. I can name several mainstream actors/actresses who fiddle with transsexuals outside of the industry that are looking their nose down publicly at this moment. Hypocrites and weak!

The key is to be responsible and be a professional. If your job is sex, then don’t put yourself in situations that are high risk in my opinion. Every time someone shows up with Aids, it’s a strike against our industry, and gives people like Michael Weinstein a platform.

11. Now that the “don’t ask don’t tell” has been abolished in the US military, can you see TS girls trying for positions in the military? Or do you think that’s still too much for the public to accept?

Omg, I couldn’t imagine why any of us would, but I guess if one felt strong enough. Why not? They could always put them in their own barrack, and make it where it’s possible. Where there is a will, there is a way.

12. Do you want to go the whole way (sex reassignment surgery) sooner or later? Why, why not?

At this time no, due to the fact only so many girls turn out with great results and can orgasm. I would hate to be one of the girls who end up with a vagina that doesn’t even remotely resemble one or able to orgasm. I love sex, and enjoy when my husband fucks me and I can cum multiple times from getting fucked in the ass. I would hate to let that go. I mean could you imagine, never being able to orgasm again? I would be one bitter girl!

13. Are you more interested in guys or girls and do you also find other TS women sexually attractive?

I am only interested in dating men, but I love having sex with women. My husband and I do threesomes, which you will see from my site. We are both bi-sexual, and enjoy sharing a person together. We don’t think you can sleep with the same person your entire life, and we play with a person, like they are our fuck toy. It’s not about jealousy, it’s just for fun. Yes, the people we play with our tested and we use protection with the person.

14. Do you consider it a problem that you can’t get pregnant?

Not at all, I’m kind of glad. I enjoy being a step-mother, but I don’t think I would want to bear a child. The thought of getting huge and then having it come through such a tiny area doesn’t entice me in the least. I would probably even adopt if I was born a natural female, so many kids need a great, loving home.

15. Most “kinky” place you’ve had sex and where would you like to have sex but haven’t yet?

In a park on a picnic table at a tree preserve park, it was so hot the thought of being caught. I want to have sex at the Grand Canyon with hubby, I don’t know why. It just entices me to be around all that beauty while fucking.

16. Favorite Sex Position

I’m a versatile girl – I like to give it and receive it. I will do both

Giving it – I like legs over my shoulders and having their butt at the end of the bed while I stand and bang them hard.

Taking it – I love to ride it – doggy – legs over their shoulders – hell who I’m kidding fuck me hard and turn me whatever way you want – I love getting some deep dicking.
17. Does “size” matter to you? Can it also be too big for you to fit it in and what’s the biggest you´ve ever had?

Size does matter to me – I make it a rule they have to be larger than me. It makes me feel awkward otherwise. I prefer between 7/8 inches, and they have to be cut and I like when their penis is aesthetically pleasing. I love my husband’s dick, it’s perfect in my eyes at 8 inches and the circumference is perfect. I don’t know on too big yet, I’ve only been fucked in the ass by my husband. I wanted to save my ass for a man that I loved, so before that I did all the fucking. Lol

18. Have you ever been denied a job or service because of your choosen lifestyle?

I have, but not until I got into the adult industry. When I retired I tried to find a regular job, and I would get to the 2nd or 3rd interview and then nothing. I think it’s cause I went by my real name in porn at first. Guess what comes up when you google my name? PORN – PORN – PORN.

19. Where do you see yourself / your career in 5/10 years?

I see myself as a content producer, website owner, activist, wife, step-mother, model, actress, and entrepreneur. I am always coming up with new ideas and finding new opportunities to expand my brand and image. My fans are my driving force, and have stuck with me through everything. I will continue pushing and creating, as long as they are around.

20. Who is your favorite (also TS) pornstar besides yourself?

I love Jesse Jane – she is so down to earth – so genuine – and all about her fans. I admire that, and try to follow that philosophy. Plus, she is a wife and mother, and a strong woman. I just adore her.

I do not really have any favorite ts pornstars. If I had to choose it would be Gia Darling or Meghan Chavalier. Both strong, intelligent, and successful trans-women that were in the industry at one time. They were business women, and good to their fans. I respect professionalism and women that are business oriented. I strive to be that, and that was my new years resolution to ignore negativity and drama, and focus on being more business oriented.

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  2. […] deplorable treatment of TS performers (we have reprinted her commentary in its entirety in our Transgender News section). While I may not concure precisely with Brittany on every point, in general I share her […]

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