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Adorable Jina Fills Herself Up On Ladyboy Gold!

By , December 20, 2010 4:00 am

Jina on Ladyboy Gold! Jina on Ladyboy Gold!

Ladyboy Jina is one of those adorable Ladyboys that you look at and just have to sigh, ‘Awww…’ Check her out on Ladyboy Gold dressed in this cute pajama set with a red bow in her hair and imagine cuddling up next to her and feeling that soft, silky skin against yours. I’ll bet you’d be poking her in the back with a rapidly hardening cock in no time!

Although Ladyboy Jina may appear to be all sweet and innocent, she sure knows how to work that Ladyboy cock of hers too! And just in case her man isn’t there to give her some dick, she is always sure to keep a toy in the nightstand that she can pull out and fill herself up with… you never know when a Ladyboy like Jina will be in the mood for some good sex!

Jina on Ladyboy Gold! Jina on Ladyboy Gold!


Hot Ladyboys Get Fucked on LadyboyGold!

By , July 6, 2009 2:23 pm

This little tasty Asian Ladyboy treat is one of the gorgeous girls of LadyboyGold who just can’t wait to take off their panties and play with their Ladyboy cocks!

Always horny and ever willing, these Asian Shemales love to tease their men with their amazing bodies before laying down on their backs and offering up their little asses for some good, hard cock! Love to watch gorgeous Ladyboys get fucked? Come see the riches on LadyboyGold!


Ladyboy Kai Shows Off Her Golden Blonde Hair!

By , April 7, 2009 9:29 am

Today we here at LadyboyWeb bring you some pictures of the beautiful Ladyboy Kai featured on the site, LadyboyGold which is one of the premier Ladyboy sites on the web today! Ladyboy Kai is one of the site’s eight main featured attractions and it’s pretty easy to see how she moved up to those ranks! Kai has perfect exotic looks and I love her shiny golden hair which just shimmers in the sunlight! Ladyboy Kai is one of my favorite Ladyboys hands down and LadyboyGold is one of my favorite Ladyboy sites!

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