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A Booty Call From Ladyboy Beatrice On Extreme Ladyboys!

By , August 1, 2010 11:00 pm

Beatrice on Extreme Ladyboys! Beatrice on Extreme Ladyboys!

Normally speaking, we think of guys as the ones doing all the booty calls in those late night hours, but you’ve got to know that sometimes there is a horny Ladyboy in need of some cock too! Ladyboy Beatrice finds herself up late and feeling horny after a slow night so she calls up a friend who she knows she can rely on to have a nice, hard cock for her to service!

You can catch all of Ladyboy Beatrice’s action on Extreme Ladyboys, and this is one scene that will have you wishing you were there to service Beatrice personally. Wouldn’t you just love to shove up that short denim miniskirt of hers and sink your cock deep inside that perfect ass? Maybe one day you’ll get the call! Until then, check her out on Extreme Ladyboys today!

Beatrice on Extreme Ladyboys!


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