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TEA Show A Huge Success

By , March 6, 2015 11:53 am

UP Network

TEA Show SponsorHollywood, CA – Trans websites TS-Rockdolls, Piladyboy, and Victoria Veil, in conjunction with their parent company UP Network, recently sponsored the 7th Annual Transgender Erotica Awards (TEA), previously known as the Tranny Awards. The UP Network and its stars were nominated in multiple categories this year, including a best photographer nomination for Ecstatic Black (that’s me!), head of the UP Network, and nominations for Tempest Rockdoll (Best Solo Website) and Transpinay ladyboys Francine Gurchik and Vitress Tamayo (Best Non-US Performer).

Ecstatic Black (left), Tyra Scott, and Tasha Jones (middle) at TEA After PartyAs photographer/videographer, Ecstatic shot one of the scenes nominated for Best Scene, Tiffany Starr, Ada Black and Antonio 3-way. Ecstatic works regularly with Tiffany Starr for her website, and frequently with Tempest Rockdoll, Tasha Jones and Wendy Summers, as well as such stars as Nicole Montero, Ada Black, Rebeka Refuse, Korra Del Rio, Stefani Special, Kennedy, Destiny Love, Michelle Austin, Chelsea Poe, and many others. During the week that Ecstatic and Tempest spent in LA for the awards, they shot five hardcore scenes including a foursomes with Tiffany Starr, Kennedy, and Destiny Love, and couples scenes with Tempest and Stefani Special, Becca Benz, Tasha Jones, and Robbie Racks. Tempest shot several other scenes with other producers and stars, and Ecstatic also shot another foursome, this time featuring Tiffany Starr, Nicole Montero, Korra Del Rio, and Leah Lockhart. He also filmed ten interviews with Tasha Jones and pornstars at the TEA Show itself.

Tempest at the TEA After PartyTempest at the TEA After PartyTempest, Destiny Love and Kennedy at the TEA After Party

Tempest was an astounding performer through all her shoots; younger transmodels just entering the scene can learn a lot from her. I’ll describe one peak moment: at the climax of her foursome with Tiffany, Kennedy, and Destiny, as Tempest was fucking Destiny like there was no tomorrow, she pulled out and started a 10-second countdown: “10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 -1” BAM! Huge climax. “10 second countdown, bitches!” she called out.

Our sincere thanks to Grooby and especially Steven, Kristal and their entire team for producing such a quality awards program, complete with after party the next night and good will all around. You’d think they are the UP Network’s biggest competition, but we don’t see it that way. No, they are friends and we support and endorse all their efforts, both in business and for the trans community.

Ecstatic with Best Non-US Performer Winner MiranKorra Del Rio and Nicole MonteroTiffany Starr

Mistress Francine Breast enhancement fundraiser

By , July 11, 2014 11:26 am

Mistress Francine Gurchik, star of and her own site, has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with the goal of finally getting the breast enhancement she has always desired to be the woman she is and the outstanding ladyboy model who has been nominated for last year’s Tranny Awards Best Foreign Performer and XBiz Best Transsexual Performer. Donate now and help her–you will benefit with the results of her enhanced female charms as she continues to perform at the edge of SE Asian ladyboy porn with male, female and transsexual partners.


Campaign Summary:

Hello, my name is Francine Gurchik, a transgendered model and webcam performer from the Philippines. I have appeared on many websites including my own site,, and As a Transpinay or transsexual Filipino, I was born female in a male body. One of my goals in life is to become more fully female, both for my personal fulfillment in overcoming gender dysphoria and to enhance my physical appearance as an online Asian performer. This is why

I seek the help of those attracted to girls like me to perfect my physical image, and
Overcome the limitations placed on my performances by lacking beautiful female breasts.

What I Need & What You Get

It’s simple, really: I get wonderful, big (but not too big), soft tits that are so fun to play with, and you my fans get to see me in action on cam, in videos, and in my hot exclusive photoshoots. If you know me, you know I am a dynamic and insatiable performer, one of the few Filipino transgendered models who gives every scene her all, and who loves men, women, and other transsexuals. My scenes are uninhibited and exciting, and will be so much more so once I have the boobs I long for, so you will really enjoy the results. And if I fall short of my crowdfunding goal, all the money raised will still go towards my breast augmentation and not into some black hole. My goal is definitely for the near future, as I plan to have my augmentation as soon as possible.

How the Funding Is Processed

Because I reside in the Philippines, I have asked my good friend and business associate of many years, Ernest Black, to handle all the funding that comes in through his business PayPal account and/or by credit card through his bank. He will then transfer all funds to me via MoneyGram, which I will collect in my home in the Philippines. Please be assured, I trust Ernest 100% having worked with him for over six years, and in fact I receive regular payments from Ernest for my work as a model and a photographer.

Click here to donate!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you enjoy what I do, but you just can’t afford to contribute, you can still help:

Spread the word on twitter and the transsexual forums!
Use the Indiegogo share tools to let people know!
Thank you!

XFRANCINEX Updates: Sexy Floral Dress

By , October 16, 2013 9:40 pm

Mistress Francine Gurchik in Sexy Floral Dress.

Laying in bed waiting for My boytoy to come.

Gonna have some fun.

He’s so good in sucking My hard tool and letting Me slid inside his ass!!!

Check out Fucking My Boytoy gallery inside XFRANCINEX to view complete set.

sexy02     sexy09

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Our Partner Spunklube Is Giving Special Discounts!

By , August 16, 2013 5:59 pm

It’s so great to let you know that our partner Spunklube is giving A Special Discount for new members of our site!

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Spunklube Promos

Want the Hottest, Pure, Raw Transpinay Heat? Join!

By , July 15, 2013 10:07 pm

Long one of the favorite stars of, Transpinay pornstar Mistress Francine Gurchik has launched her very own site,! Want raw, unfiltered SE Asian ladyboy porn? Mistress Francine is your girl+! Sexual deviant Francine Gurchik wants you! For five years Francine has been a frequent and popular model on Piladyboy, featured in numerous solo sets and at least four hardcore sets. She is a raw and versatile performer in the Filipino Ladyboy arena and if you like them natural, hard as steel, with a sweet ass you’re just dying to fuck, Francine is your girl. With her captivating look, penetrating eyes and lush long reddish-blonde hair she is a performer who enjoys working with men, women, and ladyboys, and will feature hardcore scenes with each on her site. Earlier samples of her hardcore scenes with other ladyboys and a genetic girl can be found on, but watch for Francine to deliver the goods on her own site with frequent updates.

Francine Gurchik

Naughty Nurse Francine Gurchik

By , October 17, 2012 8:00 am

A hospital stay sucks … unless you get the right nurse, a slender sexy transpinay temptress who will do anything to make you comfortable. Mistress Francine Gurchik’s passion is the dominant role of mistress, but she loves to moonlight as the sex kitten nurse whose desire is to give you passionate release. But she is in control. Your aching cock only finds relief when she desires it, and she’ll tease you to the very precipice of orgasm before holding back, your urge growing more powerful every time until finally she grants you sweet oblivion. Exhausted, you fall into a deep, healing sleep, while she slinks off to her next eager patient.

Mistress Francine Gurchik is one of Piladyboy’s leading ladies, featured in five solo galleries and three hardcore galleries with another coming soon. She has her own website at, which she plans to expand into a paysite featuring more hot Transpinay Tgirl action. See much, much more at Piladyboy, the original Filipina ladyboy site! 148 Models :: 375+ Galleries :: 33000+ Photos :: 165+ Videos

Piladyboy  Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy  Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy  Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy  Exquisite Transpinay Model

Sheree: Hot New Babe on PILadyboy

By , October 5, 2010 6:30 pm

Sheree on Sheree on

Sheree is a hot, oversexed girl who will spin your head around with her sexual prowess. She is brand new on and her first sets are also our first sets by new photographer Bobby! You gotta check this out!

Sheree on Sheree on


New Feature on PI Ladyboy: Database Model Search

By , May 3, 2010 10:20 am

Members of can now search for their favorite models by a number of lookup terms using the new Model Database Search feature. Search by location, bust size, cock size, hair color, body type, and/or hardcore or all scenes. Want to find models in Makati City who are featured on the site? Search by location and you’ll find three: Francine, Hershel and Maffie. Want to filter down to who has an endowment of more than 7″? Search and find the results immediately (Hershel and Maffie). Want to filter it further to only large breasts? Search again and voila, Maffie is your girl.

OK, that’s a small data set. How about models in Manila? Quick search: 21 models. So filter further to just Manila models with over 7″, and voila, you find 5 models (Ashley, Lorin, Macy, Tony, and Trisha). And so on! Happy hunting!

Piladyboy Models Database Search

Piladyboy Models Database Search

Filipino Shemale Ivory In Bodystocking On PiLadyboy!

By , April 7, 2010 10:56 am

Filipino Shemale Ivory on PiLadyboy! Filipino Shemale Ivory on PiLadyboy!

You know, I’ve been so enraptured by the recent shoots of Filipino Shemales Erica, Francine, Pauline, and Juliana that I’ve been neglecting some of the other awesome Ladyboy’s we’ve got on PiLadyboy! So, without further ado…

Here we have the beautiful Ladyboy Ivory in a sexy, black bodystocking. I’ve always thought that bodystockings just kinda scream out sexuality and these pictures of Ivory aren’t any exception… especially when the bodystocking is crotchless. Is there any other message you could get from such an outfit other than, ‘I’m hot, horny, and ready for some cock?’ Make sure you come visit PiLadyboy and check out ALL the beautiful Filipino Shemales we’ve got to offer!

Filipino Shemale Ivory on PiLadyboy!


Filipino Shemale Francine Smoking On PiLadyboy!

By , March 23, 2010 10:59 am

Filipino Shemale Francine on PiLadyboy! Filipino Shemale Francine on PiLadyboy!

There is a whole bunch of sites out there that exclusively features Shemales while they’re lighting up a cigarette or cigar so I know that at least a few of our readers will enjoy these pictures of Filipino Shemale Francine smoking a cigarette on PiLadyboy. I myself don’t smoke but I’ve always thought that smoking pictures were sexy for some reason. I especially like when the photographer is able to capture the smoke as it is swirling and curling around in the air… something really artistically beautiful about that.

Anyway, in these pictures, I’m definitely more interested in Ladyboy Francine herself with her large, round eyes that are just begging you to come… just… a… little… bit… closer. I don’t know about the dangers of smoking in bed but I’d probably take the risk if it meant getting in between the sheets with this hot Filipino Shemale!

Filipino Shemale Francine on PiLadyboy! Filipino Shemale Francine on PiLadyboy!


Filipino Shemale Francine’s Beauty Lights Up PiLadyboy!

By , November 23, 2009 7:16 pm

Quite honestly, I don’t think I’ve come across a Filipino Shemale that I haven’t found to be attractive on PiLadyboy but every once in a while I come across one that just really captures my attention. This month, it’s Ladyboy Francine who I think has one of the prettiest faces of any Ladyboy I’ve seen in a while. I just love her big expressive eyes and her face looks radiant with just a touch of makeup and nothing more… you’ve gotta love it when a Ladyboy looks that beautiful with very little makeup!

And, as if you haven’t noticed by now, Francine has an amazing body and her skin looks so soft you can almost imagine reaching out and touching it. What an amazing girl and truly one of the ‘stunners’ on PiLadyboy!


The End of March09 and The Beginning Of…

By , March 30, 2009 9:24 pm

Well, March has almost come to a close and it’s time for another month ahead! April is on its way ready or not! I thought I’d get a little jump on things and give you a sneak peak of a few of the photosets and videos coming to PiLadyboy in April… the first is a hot scene with Ladyboy Francine and Ladyboy Shaina haveing some hot fun together! Sure to be a great scene for all you guys out there who love a little Ladyboy on Ladyboy action! Next we have beautiful Ladyboy Khei who returns to PiLadyboy with a hot new photoset! Last but certainly not least, Ladyboy Maya shows off her cock and exotic looks for the camera and Members of PiLadyboy! April is sure to be hot hot hot so be sure to join today so you’ll have access to all the great Ladyboy content! We’ll see you there in April!

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