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Magnificent Marina Madrigal Cookin’ in the Kitchen

By , October 18, 2016 8:00 am

Marina Madrigal

What a lucious young ladyboy Marina Madrigal is! With her gorgeous henna red hair, slender body, perk little puffie tits, she is sure to please. Also check out her couples set with the alluring Alie. She’s a bottom, and doesn’t she have a lovely ass? Here sweet Marina is in the kitchen, ready to prepare a delicious meal for her man. But she gets carried away with passion anticipating his long muscular body in bed, and soon strips down to her birthday suit.

Marina has appeared on Piladyboy many times, both solo and in hardcore scenes with ladyboys Alie and Francine. See much, much more at Piladyboy, the original Filipina ladyboy site! 192 Models · 592 Galleries · 56145 Photos · 180+ Videos

Piladyboy Marina Madrigal Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Marina Madrigal Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Marina Madrigal Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Marina Madrigal Exquisite Transpinay Model

Vitress Tamayo Unveils Her Hot New Website: TS Filipina

By , March 24, 2015 7:02 pm

TS Filipina

Manila’s Hottest Girlfriend, Vitress introduced on Piladyboy back in 2009, where she is featured in 19 galleries, 1900 photos and 5 videos. Now she has launched her sizzling hot new website, TS Filipina. Her site is brand spanking new and promises to offer weekly updates of photos and videos of one of the sexist Transpinay models on the ‘net!

TS FilipinaTS FilipinaTS Filipina

TS Filipina

XFRANCINEX Updates: My First Shoot On 2008

By , October 23, 2013 7:01 pm

Latest Photo Updates On XFRANCINEX

Mistress Francine: My First Shoot On 2008

View Full Gallery to feast your eyes on them!!!

Maffie in Camouflage Can’t Hide Her Secret for Long

By , September 22, 2013 4:10 pm


Maffie first appeared on Piladyboy several years ago, then returned earlier this year with a new set. She’s back again, dressed in camouflage like she’s infiltrating enemy lines. But no disguise can hide her beauty, and it only takes a little encouragement for her to slip out of her fatigues to reveals her hard cock and inviting ass.

See much, much more at Piladyboy, the original Filipina ladyboy site! 164 Models :: 450+ Galleries :: 48000+ Photos :: 160+ Videos

Piladyboy Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Exquisite Transpinay Model

Exquisite Erika Fox’s Stunning New Shoot on Piladyboy

By , September 14, 2012 8:24 pm

Erika Fox

Piladyboy, the original Filipina ladyboy site, was thrilled to be the first website to feature the bright, gorgeous, sexy, and very personable Erika Fox this past June! Erika is as fascinating and bubbly a person as she is beautiful, a captivating stunner with a seductive curvy body, beautiful full tits, and a sweet surprise between her thighs. In her latest set, Erika teases you with her temptational (is that a word? it is now!) body.

Piladyboy Erika Fox Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Erika Fox Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Erika Fox Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Erika Fox Exquisite Transpinay Model

Filipino Shemale Ivanova Teases On PiLadyboy!

By , January 5, 2010 11:51 am

When I first saw these pictures of Filipino Shemale Ivanova on PiLadyboy I thought there must have been some kind of mistake or something… she looks just like Jullian who we posted about a little while ago. But, upon closer inspection, Ivanova is definitely her own, beautiful Asian Ladyboy self… just another stunning addition to the PiLadyboy portfolio!

For her first shoot on the site, I think Ivanova did a pretty good job of posing… good to see she puts on some nice red lipstick to ‘glam’ things up a little bit during the shoot. I definitely think that nice red lips are a must for putting the icing on the cake for hot Ladyboys! Make sure you come check out this amazing set of one of the newest Filipino Shemales to hit the scene on PiLadyboy!


Hot And Horny Filipino Shemale Jullian Shows Off On PiLadyboy!

By , December 27, 2009 10:38 am

Well, Christmas may not have brought any holiday themed shoots on the pages of PiLadyboy but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any gifts under the tree for Members of the site this year! Just check out these few pictures of Filipino Shemale Jullian showing herself off in this very cute (and very lacy!) outfit!

You’ve got to love Jullian’s confidence in response to a question…

“What sets me apart from the others? Just take a look at me!”

Confidence is definitely a sexy attribute to have and this Asian Ladyboy obviously has loads of it! Hopefully this is just Jullian’s first of several shoots to come on PiLadyboy. She’s definitely one of the hottest Filipino Shemales I’ve come across in a while!


Singapore Shemale Vhanesha Debuts On PiLadyboy!

By , December 8, 2009 12:22 am

You don’t really hear about too many Shemales coming from Singapore. In fact, I can’t even name one… Well, now I can since I came across Asian Ladyboy Vhanesha, who makes her debut on PiLadyboy this month. It’s nice to see the site branching out from the girls of the Philippines to feature some other Asian Shemales from around the world.

I think it’s fitting that Vhanesha has a butterfly tattooed on her stomach… there’s a metaphor in there somewhere I’m sure of it… but, it’s late here and I’m too tired to extract it. Just give it a little thought though and I’m sure it’ll appear… Vhanesha will appeal to those of you who like curvy Asian Ladyboys and I hope to see more of this Singaporian(?) Shemale beauty in the future. For now, you can check out Vhanesha on PiLadyboy today!


Filipino Shemale Pauline Debuts On PiLadyboy!

By , October 31, 2009 12:18 am

Here’s a nice little treat for all your Ladyboy lovers out there who like your girls with some real curves. Fresh from the Philippines, meet Filipino Shemale Pauline, who makes her debut on PiLadyboy this week! Ladyboy Pauline has those soft curves in all the right places and I can only imagine cuddling up next to her and feeling her soft skin against mine!

Pauline loves to cook, enjoys playing games, and in the bedroom, loves role-playing. Sounds like my kind of girl! She’s got the goods to please your stomach and your sexy drive… what more could you ask for in a Ladyboy? I hope this Asian Ladyboy enjoyed shooting for PiLadyboy because I want to see more of her in the future!


Filipino Shemale Icon Shows Some Curves On PiLadyboy!

By , October 18, 2009 9:43 pm

Here is a little treat for all you lovers of Ladyboys and Filipino Shemales who have some nice curves to show off. I present Ladyboy Icon shown here looking adorable in her pink top and black, lacy panties. A little further on in the shoot she loses the pink top and that’s where you can really see the full-figured beauty of this Asian Ladyboy!

This little lady is just waiting to cozy on up to a strong, muscular man who likes his girls with a little cushin’ for the pushin’. Ladyboy Icon is eager to please and loves to have her cute little tits sucked on as her Ladyboy cock grows harder and harder…


Come Follow LadyboyWeb And PiLadyboy On Twitter And Visit Some Links!

By , October 5, 2009 10:05 pm

Those of you who are repeat visitors to LadyboyWeb may see some small changes to the look of the Blog… Don’t worry… all the changes are good! For one, you can now subscribe to our Blog with just one click of your mouse either via our RSS Feed or have our posts delivered directly to your inbox! You can also follow us on Twitter now just by clicking on the little white birdie!

We’ve also re-organized the links in our sidebar and we’ll be adding some new ones and some graphics as well to break the text up a little bit. All this to (hopefully) make your experience on LadyboyWeb Blog just a little bit more pleasant. We hope you’re enjoying your time here and we’d love for some of our readers to leave us some comments! We’re working hard to bring you the best from our Filipino Shemale site, PiLadyboy, and from some of the other best Asian Ladyboy sites on the Internet!

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