My Kind Of Place….

By , February 15, 2019 12:18 pm

My Kind Of Place….

Happy New Year 2019 everyone!

By , January 4, 2019 4:38 pm

Happy New Year 2019 everyone!

Filipino Shemale Trisha’s Christmas Cheer On PiLadyboy!

By , December 26, 2017 10:32 pm

Trisha on PiLadyboy! Trisha on PiLadyboy!

I’m not really sure just how much Christmas is actually celebrated in the Philippines, but it looks like at least one of the lovely Filipino Shemales on PiLadyboy has gotten into the Christmas spirit! The lovely Ladyboy Trisha is looking like one sexy elf for this shoot of hers… It may be a simple outfit, but there’s no denying that it has some sexy appeal, right?

Wouldn’t you have just loved to find this lovely Ladyboy under your tree on Christmas morning? That would have definitely put some extra holiday cheer in my heart! Anyway, at least we have these hot pictures of Ladyboy Trisha to enjoy on PiLadyboy… almost as good as the real thing!

Trisha on PiLadyboy! Trisha on PiLadyboy!


Filipina Ladyboy Superstar Paola Sexy in “Purple Passion”

By , December 13, 2017 7:20 am

Apple Dupple

The beautiful Paola Sexy is one of Piladyboy’s top models, a girl who’s got it all to spare: awesome curby body, gorgeous face with eyes to dive into and lips to caress, long legs that go on and on, a sweet, round, inviting ass, and a long steel rod that’s always ready for pleasure. Previously known as Apple Dupple, Paola is one of the sexiest, most alluring, and most sensually captivating ladyboys you’ll ever lay eyes on, succulent, sweet, tart, delicious, and able to satisfy any man. Just take a gander at what’s barely obscured by her translucent purple rose panties….

You can see Apple in 12 galleries with over 1100 photos and 3 hot videos at Piladyboy, where she is indeed one of the stars. See much, much more at Piladyboy, the original Filipina ladyboy site! 200+ Models :: 500+ Galleries :: 60,000+ Photos :: 250+ Videos

Piladyboy Apple Dupple Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Apple Dupple Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Apple Dupple Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Apple Dupple Exquisite Transpinay Model

Tantalizing Transpinay Tyra with Titanic Tits

By , August 3, 2017 6:39 pm


Tyra is a special girl, endowed with a massive tool that’s 4″ flaccid and surges to 8″, 9″, maybe even 10″ if she’s fully aroused. And look at her massive soft tits, like cushy pillows for you to lay your head. Then there’s her legs, which seem to go on forever. Tyra has been featured many times on Piladyboy, and it’s no surprise if you like your Asian shemales to have big cocks, big tits, and long legs.

You can see Tyra in a half-dozen galleries with over 100’s of photos and 3 hot videos at Piladyboy, the original Filipina ladyboy site! 168+ Models :: 460+ Galleries :: 45,000+ Photos :: 170+ Videos

Piladyboy Tyra Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Tyra Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Tyra Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Tyra Exquisite Transpinay Model

Emmy Amazes on

By , November 13, 2016 10:33 am

Emmy is a slender, curvy Thai ladyboy with a hot look and nice boobs. She wants to feel her man get long and hard for her, as she offers up her sweet ass for your pleasure. Watch her plunge her fingers deep in her ass pussy, as she strokes her lollipop wishing it were your cock inside her. See all of Emmy on

Emmy  Emmy  Emmy  Emmy

Sexy Siamese Slut Sandy in “The Pickup”

By , November 8, 2016 10:47 am

What a gorgeous babe Sandy is from Bangkok, Thailand, and you know, Bangkok maybe the most aptly named city in the world. I know I’d love to bang her cock…or bang her ass with my cock! This guy picks her up on the street, takes her home, and has his way with her. And this is only part one, stay tuned for part two on

tn_sandy-lopez-pickup009  tn_sandy-lopez-pickup028  tn_sandy-lopez-pickup052  tn_sandy-lopez-pickup071 Showcasing Latina TS Superstar Nicole Montero and Hot Ladyboys

By , October 3, 2016 10:04 am

The re-launch is finally here! Nikki Montero presents, a fun-filled and unique website featuring slutty and sexy kathoeys and transpinays of SE Asia! It’s as if you were there in Bangkok and Phuket meeting the bar girls with Nikki as your guide. Follow Nikki Montero’s adventures with ladyboys in Thailand and also London.

Ladyboy Bar in Phuket Beach, Thailand   Ladyboy Bar in Phuket Beach, Thailand   Phuket Beach with Bruna Geneve   Nikki Montero in London with Exquisite Ladyboy

You’ll also find extra galleries featuring hot ladyboys from Thailand and the Philippines–not the same models you see everywhere online, but gorgeous girls you’ve never seen before like Kathoeys Ann and Lilly from Phuket and Transpinays Chita and Kate from Manila!

Sexy Hung Ladyboy Ann Strokes a Big One   Thai Babe Lilly Shows off her Tits   Shy Filipina LB Chita   Horny and Beautiful, Kate Lopez Toys her Ass

Piladyboy Superstar Apple Dupple in Temptations Video

By , August 6, 2016 8:38 pm

Apple Dupple Temptations

Sensational Apple Dupple, one of the hottest hung ladyboys of the Philippines with her 8″ cock, sleek and shapely body, and facial beauty, appears here in a a hot new video. See why Apple is of the top Piladyboy models!

Stop Presses: PILadyboy Joins Grooby/Groobybucks

By , June 30, 2016 2:56 pm

Grooby and UP Network are excited to announce that has joined with Grooby/Groobybucks! Says site owner Ernie Ecstatic, “We are excited to be joining the Grooby Brand! Piladyboy has been focused on the lovely Transpinay ladyboy models of the Philippines for nine years and we’re looking to improve and grow, and this is the greatest opportunity we could hope for.”

Look for to continue to feature the hottest, sexiest, loveliest Filipina ladyboys. We have great plans to build the site in the coming months. Affiliates can now promote through Groobybucks, offering enhanced promotional opportunities and bundling Piladyboy sales in with all Grooby sales through Groobybucks. And for the consumer, there are now multiple pay options, including bitcoins.

Check it out and look for more to come!

Cozy Kissing With Filipino Shemales Chanelle And Ampee On PiLadyboy!

By , May 25, 2016 8:13 am

Chanelle and Ampee on PiLadyboy! Chanelle and Ampee on PiLadyboy!

Here are some great pictures of two gorgeous Filipino Shemales from PiLadyboy, who look so alike, it’s almost like watching one girl make love to herself through a mirror! Chanelle Faller and Ampee Gongon are two girls from two different parts of the Philippines, but they have one thing in common… They absolutely love exploring the body of another Filipino Shemale!

I love the long, lean bodies that Chanelle and Ampee have, and they look just great entwined around each other. You can sure tell that these two Filipino Shemales really enjoy each others’ company… and Ladyboy cocks! If you love Ladyboy on Ladyboy action, be sure to check out this great scene of Chanelle and Ampee on PiLadyboy today!

Chanelle and Ampee on PiLadyboy!


Filipino Shemale Abhie’s Soft Evening Stroke On PiLadyboy!

By , May 22, 2016 1:22 am

Filipino Shemale Abhie On PiLadyboy! Filipino Shemale Abhie On PiLadyboy!

This is an awesome set of Filipino Shemale Abhie on PiLadyboy. I just love the who setting and mood of this set… the full length mirror, the soft lights, and of course, Abhie herself all makes this a great set to browse through. I wonder if Abhie is one of those girls that gets turned on watching herself stroke her Ladyboy cock. It sure looks like she does love the sight of her own naked body… and I don’t blame her one bit!

And, how about that great ass of hers! Wouldn’t you just love to walk up behind her, bury your nose in that long, shiny hair of hers, caress your way down that back, and then spread that beautiful ass wide as you plunge deep into that hot ass of hers? I’ll bet that Ladyboy Abhie just loves a good hard fucking… she’s certainly dressed for one!

Filipino Shemale Abhie On PiLadyboy! Filipino Shemale Abhie On PiLadyboy!


All Natural Filipino Beauty With Alcina Andrada On PiLadyboy!

By , May 11, 2016 10:58 am

Alcina Andrada on PiLadyboy! Alcina Andrada on PiLadyboy!

Wow… I do not know how in the world I missed this beautiful Filipino Shemale when she made her debut on Piladyboy, but I’m sure glad I found her again! It’s the beautiful Alcina Andrada, who has a completely natural look and I have to say, she looks damn good in it! This girl has a beautiful smile and a nice curvy body that gives her instant appeal but throw in that nice cock of hers and you know that Alcina is driving Ladyboy lovers wild with desire!

Piladyboy has so many different models that it is easy for girls like Alcina to get lost in the shuffle… and that’s a good thing! It’s always a nice surprise when I’m flipping through the site and come across a girl that I swear I’ve never seen before. Ladyboy Alcina has two sets on the site currently so come check out more of this all-natural Ladyboy!

Alcina Andrada on PiLadyboy! Alcina Andrada on PiLadyboy!


Khei Young, stunning past Miss Gay Philippines

By , April 21, 2016 7:20 pm

Khei Young

Piladyboy is the site that established the Transpinay Ladyboy genre as the original Filipina ladyboy site. While other photographers had gone to the Philippines before Piladyboy (notably Frank of Frank’s Tgirl World), Piladyboy was the first site dedicated exclusively to these delectable tgirls of the tropics, and, heading into its sixth year online, Piladyboy continues to introduce new models never seen on any paysite before and to feature top models in exquisite reshoots. One such outstanding model, and a prior Miss Gay Philippines, is the gorgeous Khei Young. In this new set, Khei plays the role of the temptress in the bar, a succubus looking for her male conquest of the evening. She will devour her prey, sucking all the lifeforce from his rockhard cock, and leaving him a molten pool of quivering satiation. For more of this seductive beauty, be sure to visit Piladyboy!

Piladyboy Khei Young Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Khei Young Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Khei Young Exquisite Transpinay Model   Piladyboy Khei Young Exquisite Transpinay Model

Filipino Shemales Trisha and Shaina Heat Up PiLadyboy!

By , April 12, 2016 10:28 pm

Wow… theses holiday days just seem to fly by! I’m really sorry that we’ve been a bit absent as of late but busy busy things are happening over at PiLadyboy – home of the world’s hottest Filipino Shemales! We’re continuing to break in our new camera-man and he’s coming along just fine. Here are a couple pictures of Ladyboy Trisha and Ladyboy Shaina having a little fun together!

The last part of September and the first part of October have seen some great updates on the site… Trisha and Shaina, an amazing shower scene with a cumshot you’ve got to see to believe with Ladyboy Ann, and a hardcore shoot starring Ladyboy Trisha… as well as much more! We’ll try to get more on the ball and give you guys all the Filipino Shemales you want… just remember you can always check out our entire site over at PiLadyboy!


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